Replacement Vacuum Bag for: Oreck CCPK8OF (Single Pack)

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  • Technical Features

Technical Features for Oreck Replacement Vacuum Bag for:
CCPK8OF (Single Pack)

Vacuum Bag Features:
  • Includes 8 Bags Per Pack
  • Filtration Type : Allergen with Closure
  • Style: CC
  • Captures The Following:
  • Mites
  • Pollen
  • Household Dust
  • And Other Particles

Compatible With The Following Vacuum Models:
Axis U7211ECBQ
Black Deluxe Series
Black Ultra Series
Blue Platinum Series
David Oreck Aviator Series
David Oreck Founders Series
Graphite Series
Oreck Axis
Platinum Pilot Plus Series
Platinum Pilot Series
Pro Plus 1 Series
Signature Plus Series
Signature Series
U2330RD 2000 Upright Vacuum Series
U2420RSQ 2000 Upright Vacuum Series
U2740RD 2000 Upright Vacuum Series
U3640RH 3000 Series Vacuum
U3700HH 3000 Upright Series Vacuum
U3710HH 3000 Upright Series Vacuum
U3720HG 3000 Series Vacuum
U3720HR 3000 Series Vacuum
U3760HH 3000 Series Vacuum
U3770HH Silver Series Upright Vacuum
U3771HH Silver Series Upright Vacuum
U3980H2B 3000 Series Vacuum
U3990H2B 3000 Series Vacuum
U4070H2L 4000 Series Upright Vacuum
U4080H2B 4000 Series Upright Vacuum
U4080H2R 4000 Series Upright Vacuum
U4080H2Y 4000 Series Upright Vacuum
U4090H2B 4000 Series Upright Vacuum
U4090H2G 4000 Series Upright Vacuum
U4090H2P 4000 Series Upright Vacuum
U4090H2T 4000 Series Upright Vacuum
U4120H2B Intellashield Upright Vacuum
U4120H2P Intellashield Upright Vacuum
U4120H2R Intellashield Upright Vacuum
U4150H2P Intellashield Gold Series
U4150H2R Intellashield Gold Series Vacuum
U4490HH 4000 Series Upright Vacuum
Ultra Series
XL Classic Series
XL Deluxe Series
XL Gold Series
XL Outlook Series
XL Platinum
XL Platinum Plus
XL Platinum Series
XL Signature Plus II Power Team
XL Silver Series
XL21 Series
XL2330HS 2000 Upright Vacuum Series
XL2330RS 2000 Upright Vacuum Series
XL2400RS 2000 Upright Vacuum Series
XL2450RH 2000 Upright Vacuum Series
XL2500HH 2000 Upright Vacuum Series
XL2500RH 2000 Upright Vacuum Series
XL2600HH 2000 Upright Vacuum Series
XL2610HH 2000 Upright Vacuum Series
XL2700HH 2000 Upright Vacuum Series
XL2700RH 2000 Upright Vacuum Series
XL2700RHY 2000 Upright Vacuum Series
XL2800H2B 2000 Upright Vacuum Series
XL2800H2US 2000 Upright Vacuum Series
XL2800H2W 2000 Upright Vacuum Series
XL2800HAY 2000 Upright Vacuum Series
XL3600HH 3000 Upright Series Vacuum
XL3600RH 3000 Upright Series Vacuum
XL3610HH 3000 Upright Series Vacuum
XL3640HH 3000 Series Vacuum
XL3800H2B 3000 Series Vacuum
XL3900H2B 3000 Series Vacuum
XL3910H2B 3000 Series Vacuum
XL7 Series
Compatible With The Following Vacuum Bags Models:
The Replacement Vacuum Bag for Oreck CCPK8OF / A713 (8 Per Pack) has many exciting features for users of all types. FactoryOutletStore stocks a full line of accessories like Genuine Vacuum Bag for Oreck AK1CC6A (Single Pack), Genuine Vacuum Bag for Oreck AK1CC6H (Single Pack), and OEM Vacuum Belt for Oreck 010-0604 (1 Pack) for the Replacement Vacuum Bag for Oreck CCPK8OF / A713 (8 Per Pack). The Replacement Vacuum Bag for Oreck CCPK8OF / A713 (8 Per Pack) is sold as a Brand New Unopened Item.